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Know It in a Flash: The 5 Best Flash Card Apps for Nursing Students


Flashcards: one of the best ways to study on the go! For nursing students, using extra time to study effectively is especially important. But writing flashcards can be a long and tedious task, not to mention carrying physical flashcards can be difficult and annoying. Flashcards apps are the perfect solution for a nursing student: you … Continued

The Nurse’s Edge: 7 Items to Always Have Handy


When most students go back to school, a laptop is all they need. Nursing students on the other hand must be ready to tackle classroom work, hands-on practice and clinical rotations. So, they carry a mixed bag of practical goodies and essential nursing school supplies to make the day run smoothly. Not sure what to … Continued

Career Building 101: LinkedIn and You


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr: these social networking services are as commonly used today as the smartphones that we use to check our profiles, daily (or more). LinkedIn is another one of the bunch. However, its business-oriented focus bows towards the professional space rather than the “post-photos-of-food” sphere. To break down barricades, we want to offer … Continued

The Different Types of Mental Health Professionals Defined

different-types-of-mental-health-professionals defined

It’s not uncommon for people to call me Dr. Zimmerman. While quite a compliment, I have to correct them. “I’m not a doctor. I have a master’s degree in counseling. I’m an LPC.” The field of mental health experts is expansive. When someone says, “I’m a therapist” it’s hard to know what he or she … Continued